School District And Nonprofit Tutoring

High Impact in-person and virtual tutoring for school districts

Small group virtual and in-person High-Impact Tutoring for students in partnership with schools, districts and nonprofits. 

Tutor Partners provides High-Impact Tutoring for K-12 students in schools and nonprofit programs nationwide.

High-Impact Tutoring is for schools and organizations who:  

Our dedicated tutors are focused on helping your school:

Reduce teacher stress.

As your dedicated partner in student success, our tutors alleviate stress and pressure on teachers already stretched thin.

Boost test scores.

Consistent, targeted tutoring helps students manage test anxiety, retain information, gain test strategies, and excel on standardized tests.

Improve student confidence.

Our dedicated tutors help students feel confident and accomplished in their learning journey.

Improve student executive functioning.

Our tutors help students learn to manage organization, time management, flexible thinking skills, test prep, test anxiety, attention, and more.

Provide more personal attention.

With an average 3:1 student to tutor ratio, each student receives personalized attention and benefits from an ongoing relationship with their tutor. Our team collaborates with students, families, teachers and other stakeholders to provide personalized tutoring for each student.

Demonstrate your equity commitment.

HIT services make tutoring available to all students, regardless of their family’s resources. Our tutors are culturally competent and reflect the lived experience of the students they serve.

Track progress.

Our HIT services are data driven, so we can track student progress with each session and use data to inform future tutoring and target skills and standards where students need more support. We collaborate with school leaders monthly for data review.

Leverage a proven framework.

Our HIT services follow the framework of the National Student Support Accelerator’s High-Impact Tutoring model, a researched evidence-based model proven to help students achieve results.

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Our tutors are subject matter experts in:

Data Driven for Personal Results.

Our tutoring approach is highly personalized and data driven: we track student progress with each session and use that information to inform future tutoring, target skills and standards, and help you track your own progress along the way. 

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One of our Partnerships Specialist will contact you to discuss your 
school’s needs.

Planning Begins

Our Partnerships Director will conduct initial key
stakeholder meetings, and develop and finalize shared initiatives.

Establish a Timeline

Our team will work with you to develop priorities and objectives and establish an operational timeline with time horizons.

Prepare for Data Sharing

Our team will work with yours to establish collaborative data monitoring and reporting
procedures to enable your school or district to make data-driven decisions.

Meet your tutors

Tutors and support staff are seamlessly onboarded and trained alongside teachers during school-based onboarding, induction and professional development.


High-impact tutoring is a type of tutoring designed to provide students with significant learning gains in a short period of time. It typically involves one-on-one or small-group tutoring that is delivered for a minimum of 90-minutes with at least 2 touch points per week. High-impact tutoring is often used to help students who are struggling academically, but it can also be used to help students who are ahead of the curve and want to accelerate their learning.

Tutor Partners provides in-person and virtual tutoring for schools, school districts and nonprofit programs nationwide.

Our tutors provide HIT services during the school day, as well as immediately before or after school, and during breaks. HIT is made available to students through their school or nonprofit.

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