SAT/ACT Test Prep

SAT/ACT Prep for high school students

Professional coaching and prep for SAT, ACT and more. 

Tutor Partners provides targeted 1:1 and small-group virtual test coaching and prep for high school students. 

Test coaching and prep is for students who:

Our dedicated tutors are focused on helping you or your student:

Leverage proven test strategies.

Our 15+ year veteran tutors have helped hundreds of students maximize their scores. We teach students the structure, scoring, content, and strategies to help them achieve their highest possible score. 

Shift your mindset.

From test anxiety to admissions and scholarship pressures, our team helps clients reframe their thinking, relieve overwhelm, and overcome the mental blocks that keep them stuck.

Get inside the test.

Our experienced coaches help students understand the psychology behind the exams. We utilize College Board tests and materials to ensure that students see every possible test question and master strategies for answering each one. Students learn to manage time and think like test writers to navigate the exam like a pro.

Prepare your way.

Our clients choose highly personalized 1:1 sessions, small-group intensives, or a combination of the two. We personalize SAT/ACT prep for each student, adjusting our proven framework to meet each student where they are. We’ll help you find the best fit for your needs and goals.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Our students take multiple practice exams so when they go to take the test, the exam feels familiar and they feel completely confident.

Improve admissions and scholarships.

Achieving your highest score boosts your chances of getting into choice schools, and securing scholarships to help with college tuition.

Gain valuable life skills.

Approaching a big test is an excellent training ground for improving overall study skills approaching any big challenge in life. Our strategies build confidence and life skills students will use in the classroom and beyond for years to come.

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Our professional, experienced tutors can help you or your student prepare for the following:

Data Driven for Personal Results.

Our tutoring approach is highly personalized and data driven: we track student progress with each session and use that information to inform future tutoring, target skills and standards, and help you track your own progress along the way. 

Ready to feel test-confident and boost your scores? 

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Get in touch today.

One of our Academic Advisors will contact you to identify your student’s testing needs and create a personalized plan for success. We’ll also ask for any previous SAT/ PSAT/ ACT scores, if applicable.

Meet your tutor.

We’ll match your student with an expert tutor and/or small group, and establish a weekly schedule that fits your life.

Learn and practice

Your student will work with their tutor for one hour each week, for an average of 12 weeks. Your student will receive assigned practice “homework” between meetings, and parents will receive feedback after each session.

Track your progress.

Your tutor/coach will send a feedback report after each session, and our Family Engagement Specialist will check in regularly for feedback and support as well.

Refine as you go.

With each session, we’ll adjust your tutoring plan to help you achieve your highest score when the big day comes.


The ideal time to start working on test-taking skills and strategies is the summer after 10th grade.

Yes! We take a holistic approach to supporting students of all backgrounds and needs, including students with learning disabilities and IEPs.

If you have a test scheduled in the next few weeks, we recommend a few a la carte 1:1 sessions and ideally, joining an 8-hour small group to prepare for an upcoming test. Once you have your scores, we’ll recommend a tutoring plan for taking the test again using your first score as a baseline. Contact us to learn more.

No. We don’t promise specific results, knowing that every student learns differently and at their own pace. Instead, we believe that test prep should be done over time so students feel less overwhelmed about the process. Our approach helps students truly build and master skills for the test in the same way that they learned other core skills, like reading, math, or playing an instrument or sport – skills that last a lifetime.

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