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One on one virtual tutoring for families

Helping students of all ages achieve their learning goals. 

Tutor Partners provides targeted, personalized 1:1 and small-group virtual tutoring and academic coaching for Pre-K - college students. 

Academic Tutoring is for students who:

Our dedicated tutors are focused on helping your student: 

Improve executive functioning

Our professional tutors are experienced subject matter experts who use a variety of tools and assessments to easily and quickly identify student weaknesses and learning gaps.

Save time doing homework
and studying

Personalized instruction and support makes homework and exam preparation smoother, faster, and more efficient.

Focus attention

Clients of all ages develop skills and strategies for focusing attention and staying on task

Manage test anxiety

We help students develop strategies for test preparation and day-of performance

Improve grades and test scores

Based on personal goals, we help students improve and achieve the grades and scores they need for admission to private school or college.

Boost confidence

A confident student is a successful student; we help students become secure in their academic abilities so they can perform at their best.

Win more scholarships

Our tutors help students improve their academic performance, increasing their chances of being awarded scholarships.

Get back on track

Targeted 1:1 or small-group support can help students who have experienced learning loss due to the pandemic catch up.

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Tutor Partners will connect you with a subject matter expert in:

Data Driven for Personal Results.

Our tutoring approach is highly personalized and data driven: we track student progress with each session and use that information to inform future tutoring, target skills and standards, and help you track your own progress along the way. 

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One of our Academic Advisors will contact you to identify your student’s needs and create a personalized plan for success.

Meet your tutor.

We’ll match you with a tutor or coach who’s the right fit for your child.

Set your goals and routine.

You’ll set specific goals and decide on a consistent schedule, with 1:1 or small group virtual tutoring sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Track your progress.

Your tutor/coach will send a feedback report after each session, and our Family Engagement Specialist will check in regularly for feedback and support as well.

Refine as you go.

With each session, we’ll adjust your tutoring plan to help you meet your specific challenges and reach your personal goals.


Because we work on learning strategies vs. traditional homework help, our tutor-student relationships are long-term. Our clients usually engage with our tutors from 6 months to an entire school year and beyond. Every tutoring relationship is designed to meet your student where they are and deliver exactly the kind of support they need.

Yes! Our subject matter experts are well versed in college curricula, study strategies, and test approaches. Please reach out to connect with a tutor who can help you excel in your area of study.

Yes! Every client’s journey is unique; we work with students with learning challenges, IEPs, executive functioning issues, neurodivergence, and more.

Yes! Our tutors collaborate with each student’s teachers where appropriate to ensure learning continuity, especially for students with learning challenges and multiple professionals involved in their education.

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