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5 start rating

Karima was an amazing tutor for my daughter's SSAT preparation. We scheduled weekly virtual sessions for the three months leading up to test day. It was a great approach and yielded the scores that gained admission to her top three schools. The flexibility of an online tutoring arrangement was a huge help for our busy lives, and my daughter truly enjoyed the sessions. I can't recommend Karima and Tutor Partners highly enough.

Kristin Thompson, Seattle, WA

5 start rating

Karima is a great tutor. She helped my daughter improve a lot in writing. She had great patience, which was very helpful to my daughter. Also, the method of online tutoring was very helpful for us to organize our time. Thank you very much, Karima!

Yao C., San Diego, California

5 start rating

Karima was an outstanding SSAT tutor for my 12-year-old daughter. My daughter looked forward to every session with Karima, because she loved Karima’s way of explaining difficult concepts and loved her supportive style. We can’t recommend Karima highly enough. And by the way, because my daughter improved so much during her work with Karima, she earned a good score on the SSAT and gained admission to the two schools she was most excited to attend. And now her new school year is off to a great start. Without Karima’s help, I don’t know if my daughter would be in this great position. What a gift!

Lowell Weiss, Seattle, WA

President, Cascade Philanthropy

5 start rating

My experience with Tutor Partners has been phenomenal! At the start of 2nd grade, my son was struggling with basic math concepts and needed help catching up to his grade level in math. I was initially curious about how online tutoring would work but the convenience has been great as well as the results. Karima Davis is very professional and informed, which created a good first impression. My son started being tutored by Karima twice a week. She was patient, effective and kept my son engaged. She focused on my son’s difficulties and gave him assignments to help reinforce what was taught in school. His understanding and confidence increased, and his grades in math improved right away. He enjoyed his tutoring sessions so much that he chose to continue with her summer program instead of attending summer camp. Karima’s genuine desire for student success shows tremendously. I highly recommend Tutor Partners for tutoring. - AJ St. Louis /

AJ St. Louis Elkridge, MD

5 start rating

I just wanted to thank you for working with Lucy and helping her raise her scores on the recent SSAT. I’m thrilled that she worked hard and improved her score to a 90/91 from 78 - this is fantastic! You were a great tutor and ally for her, clearly. I will gladly direct any friends seeking tutors your way in future.

Amy Kessel Vashon, WA

5 start rating

Karima was always ready to help and she customized her tutoring to my needs. She was spending time figuring out what I needed before our meeting, to make the most of our time. Honestly she is kind and patient. I found the sessions very beneficial. I am pleased with my progress and for that I highly recommend her. Thank you Karima!

Fatma K.

5 start rating

Our family connected with Karima Davis a few years ago when we were interested in our daughter receiving help while she studied for her HSTP exam. We were hoping that she'd be willing to take on two additional eighth grade students - so three students at one time. All I can say is that we couldn’t have picked a better tutor. Her challenge was not only to prepare our students, but to engage three thirteen year olds on a Sunday evening after each of them had sports practices. She did it! She was able to keep their focus, guide them through the study material and - most importantly - give them the confidence to take the test.

Our students came from a school that did not participate in very many standardized tests. Our concern was their ability to understand and be familiar with the layout of the test and to feel confident under test conditions. Karima was able to help our students master both of those objectives.

The three most significant improvements for our students were preparedness, confidence and choices. Each of the students felt prepared for the test, that in turn lead to their confidence level. This was the first major competency test any of them had taken and all of them said that they did not feel nervous before the test and felt confident in their ability to answer the questions. Each of the students was correct - their confidence and preparedness resulted in each of them scoring well enough to be accepted by all the schools they applied to, allowing each of them to choose which school was the best fit for them.

This is the first service that we have used, and we were so pleased with Karima that we have continued to recommend her to others as well as using her services as our child enters her sophomore year of high school. We believe that Karima’s service is not just valuable to someone who is struggling, but as a guide for a very strong student. Our daughter is doing well in school, but she appreciates the ability to reach out to someone who can keep her on track. Our daughter is very grateful for Karima’s expertise, guidance and caring attention to her success.

Kelly Ilnicki Redwood City, CA

5 start rating

A great resource with reliable tutors and great support staff.


5 start rating

High praise for Karima and her abilities! She helped my daughter gain the confidence she needed to re-take the SSAT after a disappointing first go, and she helped her understand the essentials in terms of strategy. Karima's style is warm and caring, and the ease of her teaching style had my daughter looking forward to their sessions. Her second round of scores reflected the effort she put in, with Karima's expert guidance. I'd recommend Karima to anyone whose child needs a boost in confidence and a calm and nurturing partner to help them navigate the test-taking terrain.


5 start rating

Highly recommend Tutor Partners. They are so convenient with either in person or virtual tutoring. Also they are very in tuned with what my son’s personal needs are. They seem to really care and cater to the individual student. I cannot speak more highly of Karima and her tutors. If your child is struggling or just wants to take their studies to a higher level, definitely give them a call.

Erin O C

5 start rating

Karima is an excellent, patient, and knowledgeable tutor. I am glad that she taught me. She emailed me promptly to answer any questions I had. She was flexible about timing. She was very helpful she gave me learning and exam techniques. My grades and my knowledge have gone up significantly since she started tutoring me. I highly recommend her.


5 start rating

Excellent teacher


5 start rating

Karima was and is the best tutor out there. She really made my daughter enjoy her mathmatics. Karima gives key points and makes math even funnier! She is very warm hearted and smart! If you ever need any help you should study with her! She made my daughter pass with an with an A in math class!


5 start rating

I was struggling in Algebra II, and started working with my tutor Shaakirah who has been really helpful. She breaks things down for me to make it easy for me to understand, so I feel less stressed about math after each session. Thank you so much!


5 start rating

I highly recommend Karima and Tutor Partners. She made the material easy to understand for my child. She is flexible with her schedule. She speaks clearly and is patient. I plan to continue to use her in the future.

Thomas K

5 start rating

Karima is an excellent educator, whose drive to see improved learning outcomes for her students is contagious.


5 start rating

I would highly recommend Tutor partners for any child's tutoring needs. Mrs Davis worked extremely well with my son who was struggling in math. They connected right away and had very positive tutoring sessions. She is very patient. I was impressed with her creativity, intellect, advice and genuine passion for teaching! My 5th grader told me he can't wait to go back to his tutoring sessions with her, can you believe it!? Thank you Tutor partners!

Mireille B

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