Enhance Problem-Solving Skills with Online Tutoring

“Learning and collaboration go hand in hand… as we work together to achieve a shared goal. Any challenges faced are an opportunity to learn something new…”

We all recognize being met with problems is a part of everyday life. By approaching situations just a little differently while learning concepts, can make all the difference towards finding a solution to academic, social, and emotional challenges. 

How do we solve them? 

As eLearning Educational Professionals, we, at Tutor Partners strive to equip all our students with the tools and skills they require to overcome any obstacle. In this article, we will address multiple aspects of how problem-solving via the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) can be enhanced.

Becoming an Effective Problem-Solver

The tribulations students face in learning and life are far more than little hurdles to climb over. It could be argued, that these situations are also opportunities for our students to learn more about themselves. We always encourage our students to step outside of their comfort zone, to acquire new skills that can help them achieve set goals.

As individuals, we can confront challenging, relevant, and emotionally compelling online learning experiences that cultivate problem-solving skills. 

First and foremost, perseverance is central to success and we will always guide our students to finding their way. Our approach at Tutor Partners is to build confidence and encourage our students to apply innovative thinking via discussion towards progression, whenever we face obstacles that require addressing.

So, where’s the first place we start?

Begin With The Solution

In virtual tutoring and coaching, finding solutions involves actively engaging in discussions to address challenges and finding pathways towards varied options that work. This way, in gaining such knowledge, students can take a closer look at why the problem exists and what problem-solving approaches can be utilized, rather than concentrating on achieving the desired outcome. We always say, start with the small steps. 

Neuro-scientific research suggests that our minds are unable to effectively brainstorm solutions when focusing solely on obstacles or challenges. This is something that simply triggers negative emotions and thoughts, which inhibits us from seeing all of the possibilities in our capacity to learn.

Thought-Provoking Questions

Young learners can sometimes be so focused on one particular approach, mindset, or learning strategy that they fail to recognize more effective solutions. Thus, thought-provoking questions can be an invaluable problem-solving tool. Students need to recognize why they feel challenged and how they arrived at their conclusions. 

The goal is of this is to prompt them to think about the assumptions, beliefs, and values that underlie their decisions or perceptions towards learning. The reality is, that regardless of age we may not always be aware of the fact that a certain idea or experience is hindering our ability to solve the challenge at hand.

The Importance of Lateral Thinking Tools

There are always numerous ways to approach a problem, however, we can only ascertain additional alternatives if we put our lateral thinking caps on. Throughout the learning process, visual tools such as mind mapping, or brainstorming will prompt lateral thinking. These methods ultimately help students organize their thoughts and gain a sneak peek of how each learning strategy will turn out. 

The Opportunity To Reflect

Another key to finding resolutions to learning challenges is reflection. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is via connected and integrated discussions, with immediate constructive feedback. At Tutor Partners we believe, all learners have the power to understand how every action and choice has led them to a certain outcome. We will always consistently support the students we tutor in identifying how they can improve their problem-solving skills, moving forward, and focus on positive achievement. 

Ultimately, if students are unable to successfully resolve a challenge themselves, together we can trace the steps taken and figure out a solution. Mistakes can indeed be converted into strengths.

Mistakes are Problem Solvers

Yes, we’ll say it again; mistakes are not failures, you learn something from them. There’s no doubt to the argument that students, can take away valuable experience and insights. At Tutor Partners, we connect learners to their own firsthand experiences for resolution. Acknowledging mistakes and learning how to overcome or avoid repeating patterns in the future can help students develop their problem-solving skills and become more effective problem-solvers.

“Where there is a will there is a way, is an old and true saying. [One] who resolves upon doing a thing, by that very resolution often scales the barriers to it, and secures its achievement. To think we are able is almost to be so – to determine upon attainment is frequently attainment itself.”

Samuel Smiles

Above all else, it’s critical to empower and enlighten students so that they “stand on their own two feet” to achieve success. Building problem-solving skills and knowing how to navigate any challenge will help them achieve their goals and reach their true potential in every facet of their lives, well beyond their tutoring experience.

Just be, live freely.

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