Virtual Learning Coaching

Weekly support for only $99 per month

  • Is your teen missing assignments?
  • Are grades slipping already?
  • Are you both frustrated trying to manage it all?
  • Would you love to stop fighting over homework and see them finally get organized?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, sign your teen up for 30 minutes of weekly Virtual Learning Coaching for only $99 per month!
Let us help your teen get organized and plan for success!

How it works:

Meet with a professional Virtual Learning Coach weekly to go through upcoming assignments, create a plan, system and strategy to get things done.

  1. Sign up today and your child will be assigned a Virtual Learning Coach (VLC) within 48-hours.
  2. You’ll be contacted and directly connected with your coach so you can set the schedule together to meet weekly.
  3. Meet online for 30 minutes each week with a professional Virtual Learning Coach to go over upcoming assignments & plan for the week.
  4. Your VLC will need access (username and login) to your child’s learning platform so they can walk through their assignments and grades to help them prioritize. 
  5. Your VLC will get to know your child and help them design a system that works for them.
  6. Your VLC will teach your child strategies to ensure that they’re successful throughout the week as they work independently to get assignments done.

Here's how our Virtual Learning Coaches help:

  1. Meet with your child for 30 minutes weekly
  2. Map out their weekly schedule, academic and including non-academic activities
  3. Schedule in daily study times
  4. Review their gradebook
  5. Check their Google Classroom or other learning platforms
  6. Walk through each subject to view completed, missing and upcoming assignments
  7. Make an organized list of assignments, quizzes, exams and due dates for each subject 
  8. Create a plan to get assignments done before the due date
  9. Discuss strategies for lengthy assignments/essays/projects
  10. Create a study plan for any upcoming quizzes and exams

No more headaches, frustrating nights and arguments over homework.

Let us take care of it!

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