Take a Step or Two, One Day at a Time

What’s in a step? Just one step is significant, but not always simple. There’s numerous cliché about it: “Taking one step at a time”; “focus on the task at hand, not the next”; “take each day as it comes”…

As women (especially so), we apply such pressure on ourselves to fulfill so much for others, be it spouses, children, extended family members or friends, colleagues; that we tend to forget the very being, central to all elements: ourselves.  

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating YOU, as a woman. We’re all women, who can lead fulfilling lives. 

Self-sacrifice for women is something, which has been cultivated throughout society over Centuries. However, the movement of change begins with our own ability to challenge societal constructs. It remains a matter of perspective.

Taking that step or two for oneself, truly is important. 

One Step Or Two? It’s Up to You

What’s your favorite ritual? Are you willing to take a step or two towards it?

The most imperative thing is that you do. Trying to do everything all at once is rarely a winner. Simply put, the busier, the crazier the world becomes around us, the more grounded we need to feel.  Doing one thing for you leaves breathing room for everyone else. As women, we are worth it.

Who knows how life is going to turn out? Pushing yourself toward those small steps can make all the difference.

Go to the gym, just once, if you want to. Or have that cup of tea. Find 15 minutes somewhere in a day, for you. The world won’t fall apart if you do. You don’t have to take hours for yourself, just minutes. The point is: do it. Confront those constructs, remember they’re simply one perspective.

Above Average? Let’s Not Compare Shall We?

What’s the definition of the “average person”? The truth is, there simply isn’t one. Bottom line, this is another societal construct. 

There are always comparisons between families, or child versus children, or one Mom, to the next. Right there, is the issue. It’s frequently:

  • The ‘average’ family with an average income resides in an ‘average’ home.
  • The ‘average’ person would probably skip a workout session some days, and delay walking the dog for a day or two. 
  • The ‘average’ one settles and is content with the hand they have been dealt. 

Oh, the trap we fall into. Who wants to be ‘average’? 

Or live a mundane life?

It’s doubtful anyone does. 

Do you see how we are constantly conditioned to believe that we need to be at the top of everything? The truth is mistakes will be made no matter who you are. You can only do what you can do as a mom, parent and human.

We envision life to be outstanding, interesting, fun and exhilarating. The demands don’t end: We can do one more thing, be a step up from what we feel, is necessary. 

You may not love to cook, that’s ok. It’s no longer solely a “woman’s job”. Some simply love making meals from scratch, because it’s in their genes or blood. We judge each other much too harshly. 

Try not to be the judge, jury and executioner. No one is perfect. We can all be extraordinary in some way.

Take a step or two, while showing empathy. If we teach our children to be empathic human beings, and we also show support for our fellow woman, we’re taking steps towards paving more than “the average” change. Create those victories and go to bed each night feeling satisfied, rather than inadequate, against steps for the taking.

Measuring Success Is Overrated

Success is not necessarily measured by what you have achieved, but on what steps you have taken towards creating change. 

Openness and honesty is everything. Be proud of those little achievements you, your kid or kids make. You will find yourself even more proud, when you can look back and appreciate how every small action evolved into an amazing outcome. 

Avoid arrogance and negative self-talk. There should be fewer egos involved and more positive self-praise, once in a while. It’s how motivation starts. 

Many years ago, the work of Jenny Lawson brought invaluable substance.

Her book, ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened’ is worth a read, if you haven’t. Lawson graces this Earth, with real and raw honesty.

There are always multiple perspectives for everything we do, and live through. Without connection to what matters, we have nothing. Speak for truth, not words.

“A woman has got to be able to say, and not feel guilty, ‘Who am I, and what do I want out of life?’ She mustn’t feel selfish and neurotic if she wants goals of her own, outside of husband and children.”

~ Betty Friedan (1921 – 2006)

What steps can you make? 

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Just be, live freely.

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