Recharge Your Batteries

Your internal one that is, which cannot be plugged in nightly – or can it? 

These days, it is no secret that life is a hectic, ever-changing sequence of events, which often feel like they’re featured on a never-ending loop. 

We all acknowledge, we have to recharge our batteries, but how often do we?

If you’re a coffee kind of person, you wake up, grab a cup of freshly brewed bean and prepare for another day of work on your computer. Logging-in, you immediately spy that lengthy to-do list, on-screen. Synced to your cell, the sight immediately zaps what energy you might’ve had for a productive morning.

That Coffee isn’t working and with the kids all set up for virtual school, you don’t really have time to make yourself a hearty breakfast. Besides, it’s always something you’re eating on the fly anyway. 

Oh, and where’s a phone charger when you need it?!

What’s Draining Your Internal Battery?

Everyone’s energy levels deplete at times, however, what drains and recharges us individually is highly personal. 

Generally speaking, if participating in Zoom meetings makes you feel ready to collapse, find activities to counteract the drain.

Perhaps a 10-minute break outdoors is your personal energizer? 

If sitting all day puts you in a slump, schedule regular breaks for stretching.

Charge up with an episode of your favorite show on Netflix in the evening. Focus on what works for your schedule. No single recharge works for everyone, and your solutions may vary daily.

“If you neglect to recharge a battery, it dies. If you run full speed ahead without stopping for water, you lose momentum to finish the race.”

~ Oprah Winfrey

A Jump Start

It’s not rocket science that being a parent is demanding on many levels. Thus, when your mental or physical battery is dead (or almost), it’s time to unplug from draining out and plug into recharging activities. 

We always seem to use the argument “there’s not enough time” – but in truth, with or without kids, it’s necessary to change that rhetoric if ever we’re going to feel satisfied or content within our daily lives, both personally and professionally.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Below are some practical ways to recharge, by identifying your main battery drains: 

Exercise To Energize

If you’re someone who enjoys getting those endorphins pumping for feeling charged and ready to take on the world: Do it. Help yourself boost your mood and emotions. 

Breathe in fresh air and soak up the outside environment. A ten or fifteen minute walk or run can provide recharge.

If all else fails, Bluetooth tunes and dance around your living room! Have the kids join in the fun. (No baseballs, footballs or soccer balls required)! Increase blood flow and those mood-boosting endorphins. You’ll feel the energy.

Turn Pages

iBook’s are practical, however, unplug from technology. Open a good old-fashioned book. There’s something about turning those physical pages that brings a sense of peace.

If bedtime is your only downtime, choose something light and relaxing to read that suits your interests and ensures a restful night’s sleep (perhaps the latest biography about serial killers isn’t the way to go)!

If you aren’t an avid reader, no worries! Lightly skim through a magazine or peruse a cookbook for family meal ideas. (No frantic searching for a recipe to stress about tomorrow).

Get Your Hands Dirty

Whether you have a true green thumb or not, everyone can enjoy getting their hands a little dirty! Plant some Herbs, Tomatoes or Sunflowers in a pot. Let the process of feeling the earth (soil) become a sensory experience, it’s far more relaxing than “weeding.”

Bake Banana Bread

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, LOVE homemade Banana Bread! There’s really nothing better than healthy baking (or cooking, but let’s not digress). The very act of creating a mixture of healthy ingredients, and having something delicious come out of the oven your whole family can enjoy, is amazingly therapeutic.

If bananas aren’t a favorite, try pumpkin or zucchini instead. It’s also a great gift for neighbors and friends, plus you’ll double the recharge effect by paying it forward with awareness and joy.

Make The Charge Last

These goals shouldn’t eliminate draining activities altogether, just incorporate restorative ones into your routine so you avoid “shutdown”. 

If your week is packed with meetings, scatter your recharge activities throughout the schedule.

Try to avoid long stretches of depleting activities that control your week and attempt to recharge all weekend. You’ll undoubtedly feel imbalanced.

Draining activities aren’t necessarily unhealthy, nevertheless if you’re too overwhelmed to unplug, it’s time to think about modifying the big things for better balance. That may require having a vulnerable conversation with your employer, or partner, to climb out of the low battery funk.

Be positive. Look for the good in everything, and stay focused on finding solutions towards situations you can’t control.

Recharging your mental and emotional batteries will increase energy in all areas of your life.

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Just be, live freely.

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