Putting In, To Make It Count

“Whatever your natural personality is, there is one key fact underlying it all: Everything anyone wishes to achieve has to come from deep within the soul…”

Why spend years doing the “wrong” thing? Alternatively investing in a cause or objective that simply doesn’t fit your soul?

Big goals, give us direction and we can have a difficult time coping with them. However, when you find the spot-on approach to set upon your path, for want of a far better cliché, “the journey begins”. It often takes people a while to realize, you’ve got to put in, to make it count in achieving those aspirations we deeply desire.

The truth is, it should never really matter how long we take to get to the destination, so long as we commit to doing so. 

Let us tell you, at Tutor Partners we believe the one significant goal that most people ignore, nine times out of ten, is precisely the one that’s most valuable above anything else worth considering.

If you have ever struggled with the realization that a massive goal is likely to potentially take you over a decade or more to achieve; how likely would you be to invest in it?

Let’s just say, you want to be a leader in fashion design in Paris, but the time and energy it will take to accomplish this dream, seems not only unattainable, but it feels unrealistic and simply stresses you out.

We all have been there, the stress of the impossible dream. BUT what if it is possible? Could we put in, to truly make things count for the long run?

Who knows the serious impact or difference we could make? Stay steadfast. Believe so. C’mon – we dare you all to put in.

Some of us would love to be world-class chefs or musicians spreading the joy of simple things. We may also want to be a top tri-athlete. No matter what it is we have within, the mind often boggles over how long it will take, especially with life’s roadblocks. And so, in the end, the ideal is diminished.

In this country, we live in a society where with money we can almost instantaneously acquire anything. Instant gratification if you will.

And while this immediate fulfillment may be good to some extent, despite earning the bucks to get there – it’s hardly an accomplishment. Compared to when we achieve a goal after enduring the time and investment throughout the process of arriving there.

The keywords are: “Investment in the process to achieve something worthwhile.”

And, sure, there’ll be hitches along the way, but unless we are willing to face the challenges we’re affronted with or are seemingly daunted by most in the “process” – what’s it truly worth?

We must learn to embrace the process. How awesome is it to think of that moment when we arrive at the finish line – achieving our goal, and perhaps even surpassing it beyond what we expected?

Remember, we’ve got to put in, to make it count.

Still, all of this is much easier said (or typed), than done most of the time. 

Let’s put it straight.

Set a Goal. Focus On It. Make Everything Count. Opportunity does not fall in your lap. We have to make it happen.

Glamour, forget it. The fundamental basis of human thinking, we have to meet “X, Y, Z” is the issue. There’s endless hoop-jumping in societal conditioning, increasing materialism and consumerism. 

Modern society expects everyone to have certain objects nowadays; it’s the major cause of why we have a tough time standing up for what truly matters. Because hey, the more we have the better off we are. We earn the coin to survive and thrive, that’s simply reality.

Living opulently is not opposed, however, we must try to avoid the love and value of material possessions being the driving force behind our goals. 

When we place an energy emphasis into the material, it impacts the essence of how our positive efforts affect the world around us.”

It’s difficult to find pleasure in the process of a big goal because why do we need to? It’s simply going to happen, right?

That feel-good factor is what we should target. How are your actions going to affect others positively? It’s living consciously of the wider world, the collective is stronger than working solo.

Small actions lead to big wins. 

Avoid getting out of bed beating yesterday’s time. Learn and move forward. Not only must all direction come from us – but, so must the enthusiasm for our work, be it in employment or at school; the motivation and the energy to make it happen. For everything – it all sits within you.

Every single one of us as a living being on the planet has instinctive desires with end-goals important to us. 

“One’s life is not as fixed as one believes. Surprises may lie in store for you, the unexpected often tends to happen, sometimes bringing in its train the most delightful change in one’s life or circumstances.”

~ Elizabeth Aston

Put in; make it count – and experience that final moment of the legacy, we all have the potential to leave behind, honoring our soul!

Just be, live freely.

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