How Our Tutoring Services Work For You

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Achieving Excellence in 3 Key Areas

You can depend on Tutor Partners to work with your child, your child's teachers, and you to achieve excellence in three key areas that are essential to scholastic success:
  • Higher grades and test scores
  • Personalized Learning
  • Smarter Test Prep
For a FREE consultation about personalized tutoring and test prep for your child, call us at 800-781-2725. Nationwide online tutoring is available, and we offer local tutors in the Baltimore area.

Higher Grades and Test Scores

We understand how important your child's education is to you and we also know what it takes to compete in today's world. That's why we not only focus on helping students achieve mastery in every subject by teaching them strategies and skills needed to excel, but more importantly, we instill in them the confidence they need to compete boldly in academics and beyond.

As a result, within weeks, you'll watch their grades and test scores skyrocket and their confidence soar! Higher grades and test scores will open up more opportunities!

Personalized Learning

Let Tutor Partners help your child rise to the top of the class and gain admission and scholarships to the school of their dreams.

Since every child learns differently and each has their own special needs and goals, we believe in customizing learning for each student to ensure that your individual needs are met and the best results are achieved.

Our clients are treated like family, so we function as a team that keeps everyone in the loop and on task with your goals which means that we will work with you and your child's teachers and coaches to create a path to success that works around his / her schedule and personal learning style.

Smarter Test Prep

Study with our top SAT, ACT, PSAT, ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT tutors, hand-selected by our founder, and you'll be one step closer to acing the exam and getting that acceptance letter in your hands!

As a team, we'll determine your needs, map out a plan, and put it into action. We’ll create a personalized plan that focuses on key concepts test-specific strategies, and techniques to lower testing anxiety, so you go into the test prepared to earn a high score.

Your tutor will determine the content you need to review and assign practice to help you sharpen skills. You'll also complete exam-specific practice and take timed practice tests between sessions to ensure that you become an expert in both the exam material and structure. You’ll receive feedback throughout the process and your plan will be refined as you go.